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Orensis Films is the one-stop shop for all your Film & Video requirements. Through our extensive network of hand picked professionals, freelancers, students and interns, we are able to offer a unique platform for our clients. No matter what your budget is, we...



Our Mission

As a production company we exist as CORPORATE and NARRATIVE. Through our narrative work we aim to be a disruptive force in the industry, echoing the sentiments of Hollywood circa 1970s, where the art form took priority over commercial instincts. Our corporate division is fueled by creative filmmakers that are extremely business savvy and keen entrepreneurs in their own right, who have the sole aim of making production as fluid and transparent for clients as possible. Whether that be executing a project to exact requirements provided by a client, or creating content completely from the ground level, and delivering media to the target audience. Writing, directing, casting, producing, development, shooting, production design, hair & make-up, editing, graphics & titles, practical and CG special effects, artwork, branding & promotional materials, training & education. We are able to cover every single facet of production.

..people always ask me what kind of films do we make, all I can reply to them is, we can make anything that needs to be captured on a camera.
— Trishul Thejasvi, founder of Orensis Films


  • Orensis Films is a collection of the most sought after award winning film-makers in the Gulf Coast area of Florida.
  • In-house cinema standard equipment with access to the latest in technology to fit every budget.
  • The Orensis Academy is a unique internship program helping young film-makers in the area produce their own personal work while working in a professional setting.
  • Strict standards for technical and creative excellence. We produce only the best.
  • Core team members with degrees and scholarships from the top Film Schools and programs in the US and Europe, with extensive personal portfolios and experience.
  • A wide network of contacts and resources throughout Florida, LA, Georgia, NYC, the Caribbean, UK and France.