Trishul Thejasvi

FOUNDER & Creative Director

In today's industry lingo, Trishul would be described as a true predator, he has significant experience is almost every field of film-making, directing, producing, shooting, writing, editing and more. He will PA on set one day, and then be the Director the next. Trishul is a true believer in the democratization of media creation in the modern world. He started the company with one goal "When you see the Orensis logo before something, you know it may not be the best thing ever made, or it could be just that, at the very least you'll know this... you're about to see something made directly for the screen by people with the most passion I'll ever have the fortune to meet".


Amelia King

VP & Head of narrative

Better known as 'Millie', Amelia is a young creator that has defied all expectations. Shortly after graduating from Digital Video Production at Suncoast College, she was a PA on her first feature film, cut to 2 years later, where she was hired to produce the Scifi-Drama feature film 'Blotched'. Amelia is a keen photographer, writer, reader, painter and all round creative that truly believes in the concept of self education and supporting those willing to learn.


James Bixby

Head of social media & Marketing

Bio coming soon.