Feature Film
No Pay
Credit. Compensation for gas/travel provided.
Meals covered.

WHEN? Thursday, April 30th 2015, from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.

WHERE? The Honey Bell Hall @ Mixon Fruit Farms, 2525 27th St E, Bradenton, FL 34208


Director: Thomas Nudi
Producer: Thomas Nudi, Trishul Thejasvi
Cinematographer: Trishul Thejasvi
Production Design: Joshua Steward
Casting Director: Thomas Nudi
Callback Dates: May 1 - May 7 
Shoot/Start Date: May 28th, 2015
Location: Bradenton, Florida

Micro-budget, independent feature by recent Chapman MFA graduates and Florida filmmakers.

Monty Comes Back is a feature-length film following a writer and actor, Monty, whose early success has gone to his head, causing him to push away his friends and family in a pursuit to regain his notoriety.  We watch his life quickly fall apart before resorting to a move back to his hometown in Florida to live with his parents, under the guise that he is on a “creative hiatus.”  What follows is Monty's coping with his big head in a very small town, and his journey discovering what makes his own life meaningful, outside of the glory that was once bestowed on him. 
Shot on location in Bradenton and Anna Maria Island, Florida, this story is as much about Monty as it is about the location: warm beaches, glistening waves, the large elderly population and endless sunshine that defines the region--what may be paradise to some can be purgatory for others. 


[MONTY] 27 years old, CAUCASIAN, and while he's reached a few successes in his life, has not been able to keep his ego away from his work--which ultimately causes his destruction. A believer in art for the sake of art, and that everything should be new and original--he detests that theatre has become over-ridden with musical adaptations of adaptations, and that work such as that of Russian surrealist's or the new wave of American playwrights is not given a chance in areas outside of the regular theatre scene. His intentions are pure, but misguided. Not only his ego, but his temper and arrogance get the better of him quite often--but not to be forgotten, he is a considerate human being, regardless of how he handles himself. 

[LULA] 15, but she looks, and tells everyone, that she is 18 (the revelation of which comes as moment of drama between her and Monty toward the end.) One of many young people who is wise (and sarcastic) beyond their years [to an extent] yet still carries the immaturity that comes along with puberty. When she meets Monty she unknowingly seduces him with her wit and general attitude, and uses him throughout the film for beer and marijuana. 

[ED] Monty's father, is in his late 60s/early 70s, CAUCASIAN, and is used to having his son out of the house at this point. Loving, but strict--he comes from a military-past, and certainly is of the more conservative mindset. He's worked hard all his life for his retirement and is now trying to enjoy it the best he can. 

[MARIE] Monty's mother, mid-late 60s, CAUCASIAN, and is much quieter than Ed, Monty's father. A over-nurturing mother all her life, she came from a generation that believed in the 'homemaker' ideal. Passive aggressive in her showing of disappointment towards anyone, especially her son. She's the last to criticize Monty, but the first to protect him when he is being criticized. While she's on in her years, catching up to Ed, she still maintains a youthful image--still gets dressed just to make breakfast in the morning. 

[JOEL] Monty's childhood friend, 27, ANY ETHNICITY. Instead of going off and taking too many risks, he stayed home and kept his job at the grocery store from high school, working his way up the ladder to managing it. When Monty comes back he visits Joel attempting to get a job. Joel is easily walked on, especially by his friends, because he's of low temperament and he's nice--he does not have an inflated ego, to say the least. Joel is perfectly content in his way of life, and must love his hometown. He's never reached for anything beyond what laid in front of him, but was never looking for much more to begin with. 

[GEORGE WEBBER45-65, ANY ETHNICITY, the first of three men Monty meets throughout the film. A gravestone salesmen, he's a representation of the “hardworking old world,” the door-to-door type job. Friendly and wise, he briefly attempts at making conversation with Monty at an airport, and gives him some passing advice. 

[FISHERMAN BOB45-65, ANY ETHNICITY, the second of the three men Monty meets in the film who dote on his ego. As his title says, he's a fisherman. The type of guy who likes to get all his work out in one, long night, and haul his catch to the oriental market and make a swift grand for the week before he enjoys the relaxed life he has. Again, wise in his years and experiences, he indirectly steers Monty toward 'the answers' he may be looking for. 

[TUCKER THE TRUCKER40-50, CAUCASIAN, the final of the three men Monty meets, and one who ensures Monty's confidence in himself and his decisions. The rhyme in the name is as happenstance as his meeting with Monty and their shared philosophies.

[JIM] a local mechanic who Monty looks to for advice when attempting to repair his car. Comfortable in his position in life and all-knowing when it comes to old cars, he's becoming close to obsolete as cars are now outfitted with computers he has no idea how to operate around. A representation of the phasing out of the “old world”.