Sophie Hates Me "Behind the Scenes"

I remember telling Yonathan Gal the idea for 'Sophie Hates Me' while stuck in a traffic jam in London in 2009. He said we should make it.. so, along with our friend Korok Chatterjee, we tried, but we failed to make it in London despite having access to a LOT of resources, we simply couldn't find our Sophie. 3 years later, I had recently moved to Sarasota, I barely knew anybody here in terms of actors and film-makers, and Yoni and Richard Carlton (the DP) were with me after our shoot in Haiti and we decided to make the film. There was an initial struggle with us being fish out of water, but looking back I can't think of a better place to have made the film, I mean where else could we have found our Sophie? the amazingly brilliant Danielle Marcucci! and then the irreplaceably beautiful Christine Hitt, and my personal hero Peter Konowicz!. The film was a good example of just how valuable it is to make short films, we are still working with everyone involved on the film, you can't beat that form of networking, which is why I always urge people to work for free on worthwhile shorts if they can spare the time, because it benefits everyone in the long run. You'll learn from the mistakes and prosper from everything else. It's a completely different mentality to making a commercial or corporate product, it's the reason why we all decided not to do something else with our lives. (click on photo below to see more)

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