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Questions we answer differently

"Where's your office?"

Orensis Films is the personification of Indie Film-making philosophies, we only use what is absolutely needed, there is no room for waste. The brief time we had an office space, we still found ourselves visiting clients at their own office, their favorite coffee shop or café, or our favorite meeting spot; a potential shooting location to discuss ideas and solutions. Our internal creative sessions always seemed to take place where we felt comfortable or active, rarely if ever was this the fancy office space, it would be while at our respective homes, walking, drinking coffee, or driving to the supermarket and across the country. The most important element though, was we didn't have to hide the overhead of an office space into our quotes, we didn't have to force clients to use our studio space or conference room, we could be more flexible and as a result be more cost effective..

"What type of films do you make?"

This is a question we find genuinely hard to answer, because we shoot everything. Films may be in the company title, yet we produce almost any project that requires a camera. The benefit for our clients compared to other production companies that focus solely on corporate and enterprise videography, is our team is primarily trained in the art of cinema and storytelling, and this skillset translates expertly to every facet of video production, even a 15 second Instagram video. Our young team is also at the forefront of social media and modern methods and techniques of marketing.

"TV commercials have figured that out. Leave content out of it, and some of the most spectacular examples of film art are in the best TV commercials."

Stanley Kubrick

"How much do you charge?"

Something that makes us unique is our ability to be completely turnkey and flexible. Our services page includes prices to help give a ballpark idea of rates, but in reality every project is unique. We are a premium production company with a difference, our internship program allows us to offer clients seeking students for their budget, while maintaining a level of quality that we accept, and helping the students function in a real working environment and not be taken advantage of. Clients have expressed how much our students have impressed them with their ability and professionalism, out-performing crew members many years elder to them.

We prefer to quote clients in the following manner - MACRO · INDIE · HOLLYWOOD, and providing examples as close to possible to reflect the level of quality they can expect. Transparency is a key factor for us, bigger budgets don't equate to bigger pay cheques, our rates don't fluctuate, we will advise you about whether you are spending too little or too much.


MACRO $ - Get the job done, no frills

INDIE $$ - Get the job done

HOLLYWOOD $$$ - Really get the job done


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